The Vanishing Point

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The Vanishing Point

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This problem appears via two different OXZ's by different authors. Hoping that more creative minds than myself can find a solution.

With Towbar
You have a ship hooked up to your Towbar or a derelict ship hanging in nearby space waiting to be hooked up to your Towbar. You then wish to check the status of your ship for cargo space available, HyperCargo access, etc., so you hit F5 to begin the status check. The derelict ships vanish. If you reduce the derelict ships to their components (computers, machinery, alloys, cargo) before doing the F5 status check the components do NOT vanish.

With Space Crowds
Very profitable random boulders appear as you Torus towards your destination and you stop to mine them with your Ore Processor. Either as you mine them or before mining them you once again wish to check the status of your ship for the same reasons as stated above so you hit F5 to begin the status check. The boulders vanish. If you reduce the boulders to splinters before doing the F5 status check the splinters do NOT vanish.

Do not remember this occurring prior to v1.88 being released but my memory is not what it once was so that is a possibility. Have not run into any other scenarios where this occurs but they may be out there. Not sure if it has to do with what generates the random encounter or something else all together. Mr. Latest Log shows no hint of what has happened. Been searching on my own for a solution for a couple of months now but have come up empty. As you can see there are workarounds that can be implemented but they are not always shortcuts just ways of getting around the vanishing point.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. As always Thank You in advance for taking the time.
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