Announcing Oolite v1.77.1

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Announcing Oolite v1.77.1

Post by another_commander »

Oolite version 1.77.1 is now available for download from This is a bug-fix update to Oolite v1.77. It does not add new features.

Changes since version 1.77
* Bug with planetary cloud display fixed
* Cargo/Passenger contracts correctly report premium/advance again
* Fix to escort scan class initialisation
* Fix for mission screen not allowing exit when HUD off
* Fix quaternion constructor to produce identity quaternion as documented when called as new Quaternion().
* guiScreenChanged now fires on transition when launching
* Yaw and velocity are now also zeroed when launching from a station
* Autopilot status reset on death
* Regression: HUD n_bars now works again
* Bug with NPCs continuing to lock on dead ships fixed
* Laser shot positioning fixed
* Bug with manifest checks in guiScreenChanged when launching fixed
* Reasonably skilled pilots will now remember to look where they're going when fleeing
* Shields now also protect subentities
* Edge-case for damage to main station fixed
* Frustum culling over-enthusiasm fixed
* Some 'ghost' ship bugs fixed
* Fix mission screen crash with numeric choice keys
* Fix bug with cancelling galactic jump by script
* Fix bug in validation for station interface creation
* Use correct types in JS object
* Fix bug with docking with stations where dock is very slightly off-axis
* Fix contract reputation calculations so that negative rep works properly
* Fix inconsistencies with cloaking device behaviour
* Fix calculation of heat damage to subentities
* Fix updates of energy, laser temp, alert condition related to autopilot
* Fix for crash when pressing up on long manifest screen
* Fix conflict between "pilot" and "unpiloted" shipdata keys
* Fix equipment condition check in player.replaceShip()
* Fix flasher scaling in visual effects
* Add fuel scoop icon to small HUD
* Lighten mouse cursor cross color
* Sort save-game list alphabetically
* Slightly lengthen deadlines on parcel contracts to avoid impossible ones
* Prevent docking with dead stations
* Fix memory leaks.
* Remove "performBroadside" AI command
* Fix scanner display bug
* Display correct key in 'pause' message
* Fix rotational_velocity for subentities
* Fix shipEnergyBecameFull event to fire as documented

Note for Windows users: Together with the standard set of downloads, i.e. Deployment Release installer, updater from version 1.77 to 1.77.1 and updater from Deployment to Test Release for v1.77.1, this time we have included also an SSE2-optimized Deployment Configuration executable, suitable for systems capable of utilizing the SSE2 instruction set. Instructions for using it are included with the download. Interested parties can refer to file

Thank you all for your continued support. Enjoy the game!

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Re: Announcing Oolite v1.77.1

Post by JensAyton »

Note that test release builds are available from BerliOS.

Mac people: the built-in updater will update you to the new test release if you’re currently on a test release, but you will also need a new version of Debug.oxp.

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Quite Grand Sub-Admiral
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Re: Announcing Oolite v1.77.1

Post by another_commander »

Note for Linux users, as provided by Getafix:

Linux users who have installed Oolite 1.75.2 or later, using the self-extracting package (not from a Linux distro repository!), may update to the latest deployment release by executing the oolite-update command.

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