Escape pod in interstellar space...

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Dr. Nil wrote:And I still don't get what made the Worker's Commuters appear unless the game itself populates interstellar space with civilians, since the script in commies specifically says not to put any in interstellar space.
I think it's because something broke after 1.65. Mind you, that's just my assumption, Ahruman would have to confirm it.
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Post by JensAyton »

Seems probable.

Captain Vrungel
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Re: Escape pod in interstellar space...

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Then i activated escape pod button (mine is . that is because i changed it) it activated, but i have lost
the game. :(

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Re: Escape pod in interstellar space...

Post by Cody »

Welcome aboard, Commander! Ain't nowhere to go in interstellar space without a hyperspace drive, and Thargoids will destroy escape pods anyway.
There is a way out when stranded in interstellar space, btw - but not with the escape pod.

The log has this to say:

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14:45:41.941 [ShipEntity.abandonShip.notPossible]: Ship <ProxyPlayerEntity 0x1299a8a0>{"Cobra Mark III" position: (3158.52, 2950.46, 11508.7)
scanClass: CLASS_NEUTRAL status: STATUS_IN_FLIGHT} cannot be abandoned at this time.

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Re: Escape pod in interstellar space...

Post by UK_Eliter »

My InterstellarTweaks OXP makes the following possible outcomes of the plater ejecting whilst in interstellar space:

get picked up by the navy who are in the area
get picked up by newly arriving navy
gets shot by thargoids
meet no-one and die, i.e. the default (non-tweaked) behaviour.

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