Audio Problem in Ubuntu 10.04

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Audio Problem in Ubuntu 10.04

Post by GrahamIC »

After not being able to get Oolite to give me any sound under lucid I've downloaded and compiled as per the instructions and still the problem remains.

A look in the log file shows the following:

[log.header]: Opening log for Oolite version 1.73.4 (x86-32 test release) under Linux at 2010-05-04 13:03:36 +0100.
1 processor detected.
Oolite Options: [Procedural Planets] [Docking Clearance] [Wormhole Scanner] [Target Incoming Missiles]

Note that the contents of the log file can be adjusted by editing logcontrol.plist.

[joystickHandler.init]: Number of joysticks detected: 1
[]: Mix_OpenAudio: No available audio device

I've ripped out Pulse Audio and have the box set to use ALSA the same as my jaunty setup where oolite ran perfectly, any ideas please?

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