Broken "Localhero"?

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Broken "Localhero"?

Post by Allonnissos » Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:51 pm

Linux - Ubuntu 9.1.0 (Karmic Koala) - Oolite V1.73.2 - localhero_1_05.oxp

Arrived in Xexedi and received "Mission Information" screen:

Welcome to Xexedi, Commander XXXXXXX.

I'm Major Hurst, GalCop Intelligence.
Commander, =e need your assistance.

The Thargoids have started a major offensive
and every military vessel is required to meet
this threat. Unfortunately this is not our only
problem. Renegades have been reported along our trade-routes: a group of pirates, under the command of a so-called General Harkov, are attacking GalCop ships. He has over 50 pilots under his command, veterans all.

The Confederation Government has sent me in to destroy this gang and arrest their leaders.

Step to the System Data Screen and wait for a few seconds if you are interested.

Press Space Commander

-- o.k. The first time I pressed space - which took me to the "Status" screen (F5 screen) - despite waiting for a number of minutes - nothing showed.

So I loaded up with cargo and went Laenin. On returning to Xexedi the same message-screen appeared. This time, after pressing space, I pressed "F7" and showed what I think is the "System Data Screen" referred to. But nothing showed on that screen either (despite a wait of a number of minutes).

Since then I have made a number of "runs" to other systems, and whenever I return to Xexedi I get the message-screen. Despite trying a variety of screens (F2 (Save screen), F3 (Ship Outfitting), F5 (Ship Information), F6 (Short Range Chart), F7 (Data on Xexedi), F8 (Xexedi Commodity Market), and waiting for 2 minutes on any of these, nothing further is displayed.

Either the "localhero" OXP is not working for me - or I am being very stupid (History suggests the latter).

Any ideas???

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Post by Cody » Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:56 pm

Hi Allonnissos and welcome.

This may be the problem:

First paragraph...and final note.

edit: I would also suggest that you update to Oolite 1.73.4.
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Post by Allonnissos » Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:46 am

Thanks very much - I had missed the opening sentence for the OXP:

"This OXP does not run properly under Oolite v1.65 and the current 1.73 release"

and the final note:

"This oxp is currently under heavy development. A new download will be added when the version for Oolite v1.73 is announced"

To be fair I did indicate that the issue was I was being very stupid (I have had much practice at that!).

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