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Post by drew »

Captain Hesperus wrote:This one.
image deleted...

Captain Hesperus

How did you 'name' your ship, good Captain?


Author of the Oolite Saga, the officially licensed Elite: Reclamation and Elite Dangerous: Premonition

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Opening its shipdata, and changing the name-key to whatever you want. :wink:

Oh, and of course save and restart with SHIFT. :wink: :wink:

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My ship, the Lady Tiomat, is a repainted and iron assed Dragon M.
Running Oolite buttery smooth & rock stable w/ tons of eyecandy oxps on:
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1080P Samsung large screen monitor

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Post by CptnEcho »

I recently traded in my Python for a Boa Class Cruiser.

The additional speed, manuverability, energy and cargo capacity are most welcome. I've equipped it with almost everything I want.

I've ventured into Galaxy 3 to attempt the mission that qualifies a Captain for the Naval Energy Unit. Keep in mind, I'm playing Oolite version 1.71.2 without any OXP's installed.

If the mission doesn't trigger, I'll continue trading until I'll be able to purchase a Naval Energy Unit equipped Boa Class Cruiser directly from a shipyard.

Best regards. 8)

"I shouldn't have taken off in this crate without more ammo..." Sergeant Knox - Star Blazers

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