Get Giles on his bike!

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Re: Get Giles on his bike!

Post by Alex »

aegidian wrote:It's going really well!

I'm able to get to the supermarket and back without having to take a bus, and I've been able to ride out along the towpaths to the extent that I'm training to become a volunteer towpath ranger with the Canal and River Trust. My first long ride came sooner than I expected though! ... 7476437372

All in all, it's pretty much everything I hoped for, maybe even a little better than that.

Thank you again.
Loved the bike cam video

Being a life long cyclist myself, must admit. When you first hit the injectors, gave me quite a start!
"EEEEEK.. Even my 250cc yam of teen years couldn't accelerate like that." :lol:
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Re: Get Giles on his bike!

Post by CommRLock78 »

Wish I had the petro-dollars to have helped. I really like riding my bike, too ;)

Is there no treatment other than their 'drugs'? I wonder if cannabis CBNs would help...

Anyway, glad you're up and running! B)
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Re: Get Giles on his bike!

Post by aegidian »

It's made a huge difference to my life.

I'd finish putting together my write-up but we're dealing with some family crises at the moment. Bear with.
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Re: Get Giles on his bike!

Post by Malacandra »

I completely missed this first time out. So pleased the community were able to help aegidian get his bike - this is amazing. 8)
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