Basic station AI

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Basic station AI

Post by spara » Sun Aug 07, 2016 9:46 am

I'm messing with YAH stations' AI and would really, really much appreciate a basic station js AI that, on top of doing the basic defense and traffic control, would have it's own defense ship patrolling the station. Basically I would like to write something like this:

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this.aiStarted = function() {
		/* Patrol */
			preconfiguration: ai.configurationCheckScanner,
			notcondition: ai.conditionScannerContainsPatrol,
			behaviour: ai.behaviourStationLaunchPatrol,
			reconsider: 60
So logically after setting ai.setParameter("oolite_stationPatrolRole","tescoosecurity");, ai.conditionScannerContainsPatrol would check for "tescoosecurity" and ai.behaviourStationLaunchPatrol would launch "tescoosecurity" that would keep patrolling the station perimeter.

I'm not sure what ai.setParameter("oolite_stationPatrolRole","tescoosecurity"); and ai.conditionScannerContainsPatrol exactly achieve, but ai.behaviourStationLaunchPatrol always launches police ships.

Hope that makes some sense :D .

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