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Deep Space Compass

Post by CalebOfIronAssMiner »

Hello, guys, back from hyperspace.

Now I would like to suggest a tool that I am sorely missing while hunting Thargoids. Namely, a space compass that works in interstellar space too.

Waypoint Here works even in interstellar space to some degree. You can set waypoints and see them in your views. But once set, they cannot be cleared because that requires working space compass.

So the story (in my ooniverse at least) is that the standard compass still relies on the presence of a large stellar body (sun, planet, moon, etc) for orienteering. This is done for the cost reasons as the vast majority of spacers don't go anywhere near interstellar space if they can help it (they even call it "suicide space") and the standard compass was with us since nobody even remembers when. The "waypoint here" is very new technology and as such it may still have some kinks (mostly in the legal department, you know, having a ship without a working compass (or with an unreliable one) is a no-no with GalCop and the like). Those few who conduct regular business in interstellar space can then spare the CrCrCr needed to fund the development of this type of gadget.

So I would prefer not to "just magically make the standard compass work in interstellar space". I suggest it to be an upgrade to Advanced Space Compass that also depends on Waypoint Here for coordinate tracking hardware. It should be particularly high-tech (at least as high-tech as Waypoint Here) and somewhat pricey (very few are expected to make use of this so sales are pretty slow).

I would like some pointers into the oolite code regarding what makes the compass tick and how to make it work/stop working, preferably from some OXP javascript. Doing this part on my own will take me several months and I am pretty sure I am not the only spacer out there who lacks such a thing. A quick search revealed that several GalCop missions happen in interstellar space (stuff like fishing a black box out of a bunch of Thargoids) so at least this group would welcome this compass upgrade.

That would allow me to make a tiny little OXP with this feature. Or add it to Waypoint Here. Or whatever.

I am running oolite 1.90.

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