galaxymap for merchants

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galaxymap for merchants

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As a merchant my primary interest is to find two planets to haul freight between.

Therefore I would really like a tool (OXP) which would allow me to pick two economies types

Then the tool should show me a list of planets (also show them on the galactic map) which fit my search query ordered by the distance between them

search query (economies types): Poor Agricultural AND Rich Industrial

Laenin => Xexedi Distance: 0.8 lyrs Time: 0.64 hrs

Additional features like type of government and tech level as parameters would also be nice to have.

Maybe it could have some of the feature from the Advanced Navigational Array, so one could plot a course from one's current position and then the ANA would show a few suggested routes based on
  • distance
  • safety (ie. no feudal or anarchy)
Well, that was all from me - I hope others, especially users who can code, can see the potential in this and hopefully I will be able to download an OXP with the features some day.

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Re: galaxymap for merchants

Post by phkb »

The OXP [EliteWiki] Galcop Galactic Registry has some of these features. I could expand it to handle some of the trader-specific requirements, perhaps with a fee of some sort.

(Edit to add wiki link)

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