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Re: Alite is here

Post by CWolf »

As already mentioned...

Alite is Awesome!
The control options, the graphics and the feel of it...
The perfect Elite on Android!

I am currently juggling Oolite on PC and Alite on Android, even let everyone fend for themselves/die in Fallout Shelter for Alite!
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Re: Alite is here

Post by Malcius »

Gameplay is pretty much pure Elite (as I remember it from the BBC B) except for the allowance made for touch input. Docking seems a bit easier. The products available are pretty much the same, although I don't remember medical supplies from the original. I don't remember there being a tutorial on the Beeb. One annoyance is that when you wish to sell or eject cargo (could you eject cargo on the Beeb?) you have to sell/eject all of the selected product. It would be useful to be able to sell/eject 1 unit at a time.
I also find the scanner colour coding a little confusing. Other vessels are either shown as yellow or cyan. It currently seems that yellow indicates a ship that isn't a threat and cyan indicates one that is. In the original, all ships were considered as potential threats and got changed to enemies once they fired on you. I'm not quite certain whether all cyan ships are actual enemies and whether it's okay to fire first; I've been waiting to be fired on before firing so far but am wondering whether the current colour coding would make it safe to fire first.

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Re: Alite is here

Post by Nhatna »

So I've been playing Alite on my Android phones for a couple years and loving it. I just got a new phone (Moto G7) and was able to copy over my most recent save files; Success! But when I try to play, the screen is a little offset and the lasers fire to the right of the crosshairs. Is there anyway to adjust/calibrate the crosshairs to fire center? Thanks for you help! I love this community.

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Alite 2020 is here!

Post by merkinth »

Hi Everyone!

I have created a forum for Alite, the Android version of Elite and it would be great if you could come and have a look:

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