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 Post subject: Here be Dragons
PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:25 am 

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Here be Dragons

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JkH7_ ... leDXoIAgMA
Version 1.0.1 - uploaded 18 April 2018

Despite being open world Oolite inherited from Elite idea of already known map. You have ALL crucial information about EVERY system on map from beginning. Well, you have no idea how next map looking before entering it, but after entering you instantly have ALL info. World with puzzles but without secrets.
Is it possible to convert all-map-already-known game onto game-exploration of dark ocean of unknown? Up to Oolite 1.82 answer was “no way”. But new system parameter “concealment” introduced in dev version Oolite 1.83 allows to prohibit system info F7 or hide systems on map completely. This is however technical problem in concealment implementation: mission generation in many OXPs (and maybe in vanilla game too) is based on assumption that ALL systems on map are visible. “Transparent” value of concealment (system is invisible on map for player but visible for mission generation scripts) would be nice, but let’s deal with what we have.

ZeroMap (author Smax) was the first released expansion pack exploiting concealment parameter. For clarity – Here be Dragons is not mod of ZeroMap in any way. It is completely independent project. I was addicted with explorable Ooniverse idea since 2013, but all I was able in early version – to prohibit display of F7 info for unvisited systems beyond 7 LY information horizon. It was working fine up to Oolite 1.82. Zoomed maps ruined idea. You can obtain ALL useful info on unvisited systems deeply beyond 7 LY horizon on zoomable map – just press I to display system pictograms. Implementation of concealment parameter in Oolite 1.84 gives me chance to reincarnate old project and bring it to new level.

Why separate project with similar functionality?
Here be Dragons is not stand-alone expansion pack. It is plugin for popular Explorer’s Club (authors Capt. Murphy & Wildeblood), expanding it’s functionality. No any writing in oolite-save. Here be Dragons uses Explorer’s Club data set. Safe to use: install it, try it and deinstall it if you don’t like it, no garbage remains in save. Simple as possible. Maybe you find it fun addition if you like Explorer’s Club.

How to explain collision between local “fog of uncertainty” for player and global concept of colonized and densely populated Ooniversum with unified economic and legal space (and with Galcop as global political institution)? It is possible without speculation about patent trolling or corporate conspiracy. Just logic.
Are local governments really interested to provide private trader crucial info about systems in 7 LY range? Absolutely, if they take private trading as important part of system economy. Providing crucial info about neighbours is essential if you want local traders to establish trade routs with them.
Are local governments really interested to provide private trader crucial info about systems beyond 7 LY range? Possibly no. There are no direct trade lanes connecting these systems with local one. Why give trader information, possibly stimulating him/her to seek more profitable routs?
You got idea. Information about unvisited systems beyond 7 LY horizon is not secret nor patented. It just not presented for public access. But you have all rights to collect and maintain your personal database.

How it looks in game.
In docked state you have access to Galcop terminal with navigation map based on astronomical data. You have all 256 systems plotted on map, but for unexplored systems beyond 7 LY range you have only positions. No names, no F7 info, no pictograms. You can see however systems of mission destination marked as usual. You can plan your long range voyages as usual besides fact that you have no info for systems en route.
In flight you have access only to your personal navigation database. It displays local system, all systems in 7 LY range and all systems beyond 7 LY horizon marked by Explorer’s Club database as already visited. You have full info on these systems. That’s all. Rest of the map is covered with fog of unknown. It is natural way to display progress of your exploration.
There is the third map mode used during hyperjump countdown: all systems visible, full info only for local system and system of destination. It is forced solution of technical problem with New Cargoes (author cim). Seems script CargoTypeExtension-Dynamic.js needs all systems to be visible to work correctly and has no bypass way, causing hanging of hyprjump.

Here be Dragons has some oddities.
If you already have oolite-save with Explorer’s Club written data, Here be Dragons will import it and show map as intended. But if you create new pilot there are no any Explorer’s Club data in memory and Here be Dragons will display all systems with full info. Just save and load to fix it.
Another minor issue – Here be Dragons synchronizes with Explorer’s Club data only after restarting from oolite-save. You may visit several systems en route and Explorer’s Club will mark these systems as visited, but Here be Dragons will treat these systems as unvisited yet and hide such systems beyond 7 LY horizon. The same solution: save and load. Or take it easy. It is not bug, it is feature. Synchronization of your private navigation database with Galcop database possibly requires restart of your ship software.

Compatibility issues

Here be Dragons is incompatible with ZeroMap (author SMax) due to similar functionality.
Hiding unvisited systems may cause problems with taking long range missions in flight. In-system missions such as In-System Taxi (author spara) seems to be safe – you always have local system unaffected by concealment parameter.
I hope mission generation in docked state will work fine. Any feedback will be welcomed.
This is some conflict between Here be Dragons and GalCop Galactic Registry (автор phkb) on the level of general concept. I think however it is not obligatory to declare GalCop Galactic Registry as incompatible with Here be Dragons. Personally I am using both OXPs. GalCop Galactic Registry is well organized database. I like it. I have adequate skill of doublethink for this special case :D


Capt. Murphy & Wildeblood – fantastic Explorer's Club OXP
commander vasig – idea of this OXP and stimulus for its reincarnation

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 Post subject: Re: Here be Dragons
PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:33 am 
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I might have to enhance GGR with reference to this (and Zero Map as well).

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 Post subject: Re: Here be Dragons
PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:05 am 

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I might have to enhance GGR with reference to this (and Zero Map as well).
Technically I have no any problems with launching GGR screens if Here be Dragons installed. Think gamer can use both expansion packs.
Hopes Display Current Course will not interfere with Here be Dragons too. I have no saves with long range missions now to test compatibility issues.

Oops... I forget to declare Explorer's Club as requires_oxps in manifest.plist. Going to edit manifest.plist. :oops:


Done. Link refreshed.

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