[Release] Clear HUD 1.3 and Sniper Sight for Clear HUD

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Re: [Release] Clear HUD 1.3 and Sniper Sight for Clear HUD

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Tichy wrote:Thank you for the appreciation. :)
For target sensitivity, at first it was enabled... but I did't liked it. I found that sometimes is unreliable (I was able to hit ships when the reticle was green) and distracting. To know when I hit my target, I prefer listening to the laser sound.
However, you can enable it by changing the line "reticle_target_sensitive" in hud-yellow and hud-red.
Thanks for an excellent HUD. I had the same problem with it as astrobe though, but thanks to this last post I'll now switch from Milspec HUD, (just did the edit).

Thanks again :)

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