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Post by CommonSenseOTB »

Thanks for the workaround cim. The last 2 weeks have tested a number of huds and found that many of my hud concepts and about half of Captain Beatnik's huds were affected by the bug with n_bars in 1.77.
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Post by cim »

Smivs wrote:These were all rendering correctly under v1.76.1. :(
They were all rendering as you wished under 1.76.1, but I can't work out why. The HUD.plist has

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		{	// weapon temperature bar
			draw_surround	= yes;
			height		= 8;
Change that draw_surround to no, and it will stop drawing the surround. Why it didn't draw it in 1.76.1 I'm unsure, but it doesn't appear to be doing anything incorrect now.

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Post by Smivs »

Weird! OK cim, thanks...I'll give that a go and report back.

Edited to add :- That's done the trick :D Thanks.
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Post by GGShinobi »

BTW, I noticed that there was no image of the CRR-HUD on the [EliteWiki] wiki, so I added the one from here.
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