clash between Naval Grid and Thargoid Plans

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clash between Naval Grid and Thargoid Plans

Post by Lone_Wolf »

My Naval Grid 1.10+ adds a civilian version of the naval energy grid.
To stay as close to Thargpoid's intentions as possible, it's incompatible with Naval Energy Unit.

from 1.82 oolite-thargoid-plans-mission.js :

Code: Select all

				// next line handled by condition script instead
				// EquipmentInfo.infoForKey("EQ_NAVAL_ENERGY_UNIT").effectiveTechLevel = 13;
				clock.addSeconds(EquipmentInfo.infoForKey("EQ_NAVAL_ENERGY_UNIT").price + 600); // time to mount the equipment.
If a player with EQ_ENERGY_GRID installed completes Thargoid Plans, player.ship.awardEquipment("EQ_NAVAL_ENERGY_UNIT"); will fail.
The player clock will still be advanced by the time needed to install the NEU, even though they don't get one.

If needed i could work around these 2 problems in my oxp, but it feels cleaner to change oolite-thargoid-plans-mission.js to deal with cases where NEU can't be awarded.
If that happens, Thargoid Plans could award the player with the price of a NEU and tell them to head to the nearest TL 14 planet to buy it.
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