V-Sync and Animation Smoothness Test

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Re: V-Sync and Animation Smoothness Test

Post by UK_Eliter »

another_commander wrote:If you can, please repeat the test with the Test2 executable a few more times, just to be sure. And, just to be perfectly sure that there are no misconceptions, your settings that give best performance and most fluid, stutterless animation are:
- Vsync setting in AMD control panel: Off unless application specifies
- Triple buffering: On
- V-Sync Test2 executable

Am I correct?
You are indeed correct, Another Commander. Having further tested the V-Sync Test2 executable, with tripple buffering on and with v-sync at 'Off unless application specifies', I can confirm that it is thus that I get the smoothest play and animation. (Well, that said, things were pretty good - perhaps as good - with the Test1 executable, so long as (tripple buffering was on, and) v-sync was either 'On' or 'On unless application specifies'.)

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Re: V-Sync and Animation Smoothness Test

Post by Cody »

<chortles> This is like a visit to the opticians - is it better with this lens, or with this one?

Anyway - Oolite (V-Sync test2): with nVidia CP set to application controlled, it's definitely smoother than trunk, but still with a very occasional micro-stutter. With triple buffering enabled, I think it's even a tad smoother. However, if I had to choose, I'd go with V-Sync enabled in nVidia CP - it's only an impression, but that's how it feels.

I'll take Mercurial Amethyst out for a long, normal-play, cruise tonight - I tend to work best that way, I've found.

The usual caveats apply to the quality/reliability of my testing!
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Re: V-Sync and Animation Smoothness Test

Post by Zieman »

Hmm, all three versions (trunk 7f90b5d, Vsync test1 & Vsync test2) feel smoothest with V-sync forced ON in Nvidia Control Panel.

If V-sync is forced OFF, the trunk runs @ 200 FPS (Oolite shows 199), and has visible tearing.
Test versions run @ 60 FPS (Oolite shows 59), with bad tearing.

V-sync set to application controlled results in good smoothness too, maybe the trunk & test2 feeling best.
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Re: V-Sync and Animation Smoothness Test

Post by Tricky »

Oolite v1 81 vs New Vsync Test

First part is a regular deployment build of v1.81 (e40fc68), second part is with the vsync patches.

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