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Post by JazHaz »

Sendraks wrote:I'm not sure the Frontier/FFE approach of accurately modelled solar systems worked well, it was too much unusued/dead content per system.
Oh I dunno, least you could go and mine the other planets etc....! Now where did I leave my MB4's.....? 8)

Gimi wrote:
drew wrote:£4,500 though! :shock: <Faints>
Maybe you could start a Kickstarter Campaign to found your £4500 pledge. 8)
Thanks to Gimi, I got an eBook in my inbox tonight (31st May 2014 - Release of Elite Reclamation)!

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Hmm. I guess I never realized how much elite was ahead of it's time. As well as one of the best games of all time.

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Post by Ivan »

Just to be clear, I was pondering on a hypothetical multiplayer Elite (E4 or another), not Oolite - I like Oolite just the way it is :D

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Post by Star Gazer »

I think one of the most amazing aspects of Elite is how little processing power it relied on to create such an involving, ground-breaking and wonderful game. 2MHz processors, <32KB RAM, and the horrors of cassette loaded games (what a revelation my first 80KB floppy disk drive was!)

When you compare it with the computing power we throw at games these days, and then read that a modern Email takes up more space than the entire game had to run in, it has been an extraordinary 25 years of development.

It's a terrible shame that B & B fell out, but I can't help put applaud the huge contribution they made to gaming in one stroke.
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Post by DaddyHoggy »

<monty_python_yorkshire_man>2MHz! Luxury! The 6510 in my C64 ran at 985KHz (PAL)!</monty_python_yorkshire_man>

I notice Ahruman has just reduced the memory requirement of ONE Flasher in Oolite from more memory available in a BBC B to a tiny fraction of it (but still HUGE compared to what they squeezed into Elite gen home computers)
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