Just for fun, what's your Commander's persona?

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Just for fun, what's your Commander's persona?

Post by Cmdr Wyvern »

Some of us have created personas for our ingame Commanders, and at least three of us are unhinged enough to let those Commanders roam around in the corridors of the BB.

Since I opened the thread, meet Wyvern ---

Name: Derik Roh'i. Goes by the callsign "Wyvern".

Species: Large gray-green reptiloid, Ontiatian-Tionislan halfbreed.

Diet: Mostly carnivorous

Gender: Male

Age: 43 Gal-standard years.

Marital status: Single

Homeworld: Tionisla

Occupation: Bounty hunter. Occasional test pilot, freelancing for various small shipyards.

Current combat rating: Deadly

Personal weapon: Lance&Ferman Widowmaker Mk4 handblaster with ironwood grips

Current vessel: Dragon Assault Craft "Lady Tiomat", NCE-232.
- Ship is stock except for the neural net mainframe AI, which through upgrades has gained limited sentience; 'Testla Blue' paint; fully kitted; usually carries a full loadout of hardheads, E-bomb, fore mil laser and aft plasma cannon. Ship is kept well - almost obsessively - maintained.

Legal history:

- 12 minor moving violations, fines paid in full, all charges cleared.
- Accused of 2 counts of shooting down innocent traders during combat with aggressive pirates, but never proven, case dismissed. Roh'i's flight recorder was damaged and offlined during the battle. Roh'i was not able to collect the bounty pay.
- Overheard speaking of torpedoing straying freighters in a spacer's bar. Dismissed as tall tales spoken in intoxicated pride.
- Thought to have been involved in the Orrora Orb invasion incident. Facts unknown, due to military coverup. Roh'i denies ever seeing an Orb.


- Known to have a taste for Onatian Bloodwine, chocolate-covered fried Lavian tree grubs, and flame-grilled BBQ trumble burgers.
- Defines Zero-Gee sports as "Like a perpetual motion machine, it simply doesn't work and wastes everyone's time". Defines docking computers as "Murphy's Law Incarnate: Prone to go wrong at the most inappropriate moment".
- Defines Boyracers as "Target drones with a laser, a mouth and an attitude, but a milligram of brain and even less sense".
- Sometimes seen in the company of a female leonic felinoid. Relationship unknown, assumed close friendship.
- Sometimes seen speaking with, and trading in small quantities of salvaged spare parts, tools, and liqueur with another space operating reptiloid, a presumed business accociate. In common reptiloid spacer custom, the two often greet each other as 'cousin'.
- A former copilot describes Roh'i, "Derik is a friendly and helpful enough chap in person, but utterly relentless and prone to toy with his targets in combat. Revenge for lost family drives him... Pity any pirate crossing his path."

Infamous quotes over the comm channels:

- "Stop squirmin'! Shut down, and I may go easy on you.....not."
- "Don't run away yet, I have a parting gift! A hardhead with your name on it!"
- "Come get some, honorless pirate filth!"
- "Another pirate eats spacedust!"
- "Asp, Supercobra, Impy, Vampy. Makes no difference to me. Run while you can."
- "Welcome to the hunting grounds, Fugitive. I'm your killer...err, host, Wyvern. Let's dance."
- "Another kill, another credit."
- "I need an upgrade, and you're paying for it."
- "Laser-baked pirate meat, served up hot!"
- "The huntin' is good today!"
- "Are you wishing you stayed home, bottom-feeder?"
- "You're in deep trouble now, Bemarian slimedog!"
- "You're messin' with the wrong Lizard, scum."
- "It's a boyracer skeet shoot!"
- "I have a fully loaded launcher, a cold mil laser, and an urge to collect the price on your head. Feeling lucky?"
- "Think of this as a lesson in manners."
- "Right, now I'm mad. Kiss your tin foil ass goodbye."
- "Taste my laser, vermin."
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Post by Jack_H »

Jack Hamilton used to be an ex marine with engineering training who turned to piloting after dissatisfaction with a normal life and after having been ousted from the marines...but then Vasquith de Havilland took that away from him and claimed that life for himself.

then Jack became a scientist working in a secret INRA base at Raxxla that was trying to use his experiments to find a way home to his wife, but then Jake Sinclair decided that sounded kind of fun, stole the life and put it in an entirely different universe.

so now Jack Hamilton has no persona what so ever. he is a ghost, a spectre, a non-entity, who somehow manages to post on an ebbs.

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Post by drew »

I do have a save game for my in 'book' commander 'Rebecca Weston'.

I don't play it much, but I do play it 'in character' as it were.

Name : 'Rebecca Weston' (was Tyley)
Species: Human
Diet: Standard Dietary with Suppliments. Anlian Heavy Gin features prominently
Gender: Female
Age: 26 Gal-standard years.
Marital status: Single
Homeworld: Tianve
Occupation: Officially Trader. Bounty hunter suspected
Current combat rating: Deadly
Personal weapon: Contraband Korregian Assault Rifle with disruptor capability.

Current vessel: Cobra Courier "Eclipse II"
- Ship is heavy modified with upgraded induction coils, shield enhancements, plasma conduits, high gee bow and lateral thrusters, overdrive military lasers. Other modifications suspected (see legal history)

Legal history:

- Repeated failure to submit to space worthiness inspection checks in core systems. Suspected illegal modifications. Stop and search justified in all core systems.
- Missing account history for 3138-3139 (CLASSIFIED)
- Frequent attitude readjustments in formative years
- Known independance traits, marked on Galcop watch list.
- Thought to have been involved in Lave invasion, thargoid interception and Q-Bomb incidents during 3138. No firm data acquired.
- Occasional Galcop references to Raxxla. Likely to be co-incidence.


- Known to have a taste for Anlian Gin
- Indulges in illegal sport 'Station Baiting' with BoyRacers
- Reputed to have destroyed an iron ass Python Cruiser with a mere Sidewinder in her youth.
- Uncertain relationship with Jim McKenna (Feynman)
- Suspected associated with the 'Dark Wheel'.
- Lost all family in apparently unprovoked attack in 3138.

Infamous quotes over the comm channels:

None. Never toys with her kills.
Author of the Oolite Saga, the officially licensed Elite: Reclamation and Elite Dangerous: Premonition

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Post by Star Gazer »

Amazadh Kristeopolous

It is rumoured that this shadowy figure was once an elementalist, a particularly dangerous variation of 'magic user', manipulating the base elements around him in ways that often terrified the locals, although his reputation was always as a champion of the poor and needy, and upholder of justice. Extensive knowledge of cosmology, and ancient divination systems utilising star positions. Often known as 'Star Gazer'.

When his most loyal supporter was killed in a civil war, his enemies took the opportunity to banish him forever, and there was still a substantial reward in existence when his home world was obliterated in the carnage that followed his departure.

He has taken to the life of a spacer, homeless and almost without friends, nearly all that meant anything to him lost when his world was destroyed. The time in space has changed him, and few who knew him years ago would recognise the figure he is now, and when you look in his eyes and see the pain and bitterness there, you realise this is not a person to deal lightly with.

Species: Human (*genetically enhanced)
Diet: Anything spicy, couscous, dolmadas, taramasalata, humous, and, particularly, olives.
Gender: Male
Age: 153 (*appears 38 )
Marital status: Single
Homeworld: Tresinza (no longer in existence)
Occupation: Traveller, explorer, trader in exotics, ancient relics, and precious metals.
Current combat rating: Deadly
Personal weapon: Adamantite sabre with energy discharge modification.
Vessel: Cobra Mk3, 'Kurenthenor D'Akily' (after a lost dragon companion), listed KDA02, fully modded and well maintained.

Has been hear to utter, "die space scum", "so perish all spawn of evil", and other somewhat archaic remarks...
Very funny, Scotty, now beam down my clothes...

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Dr. Nil
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Post by Dr. Nil »

Dr. Nil

The doctor is a shady humanoid often spotted at Hoopy Casinos in particularly rich high tech systems where he can be seen playing the hoops, courting middleaged lobstoid heiresses and generally living far beyond his means. I.e. when he's not being chased by Gal-Cop for botched cosmetic surgeries on the same lobstoid heiresses, illegal racing with dreadfurred feline richkids or prescribing megaweed to Anaconda pilots.


The Doctor flies a custum painted Teretrurus MK I known as The Purple Haze.


More recently the Doctor has been living a quiet planetside life somewhere in the south eastern corner of Galaxy 4.

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Post by Cmdr. Maegil »

Name: Maegil Arvandor
Race: Psychotic human colonist
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Rating: Deadly
Home system: Unknown
Preferred system: Wherever slavists roam free
Hideout: Unknown
Personal weapon(s):
-Colt "Diplomat"
-"Winter Moon" katana and "Little Moon" wakizashi
-Frequently carries one or two plasma hand grenades
Ship: Renegade Asp "Tenchu"
Bounty: >7500

Criminal record:
-Forced entry
-Illegal surveillance
-Assault and battery
-Assault with a deadly weapon
-Grand theft spaceship
-Possetion of fake documents
-Possetion of controlled substances
-Possetion of illegal explosives
-Illegal possetion of explosives
-Possetion of illegal weapon
-Unlawful discharge of weapon
-Attempted bribery of Galcop servent
-Illegal association
-Resisting arrest
-Conspiracy to commit murder
-Attempted murder
-Piracy and murder
-Murder 1st

Until challenged or feeling threatened, the suspect appears to be a candid and helpful person. DO NOT BE FOOLED!
The suspect has advanced military training and is an accomplished martial artist. Consider him armed and dangerous even barehanded. Proceed with extreme caution and DO NOT approach him without backup.

Note: Most of the charges are related to the suspect's anti-slavery vigilante activities.

Known accomplices:
<see attached list>
Most of the suspect's accomplices are former slaves rescued by him. Although he prefers to act alone, he uses them for occasional logistic support.

Personal bio:
Abducted by slavers when he was 8, was separated from his family. First killed at the age of 10, fighting a slaver during his rescue.
Was raised by a tradicional military family.
Graduated from the Military Academy 2nd of his class, then joined the army. After 2 years as an Infantry officer, transferred to the Special Forces. Achieved military close combat instructor and combat flight instructor ratings. Most of the operations in which he took part were classified.
With the rank of Captain, was indicated for a position teaching on the Military Academy, but got honorably discharged after failing a psych evaluation. Attempted to set up a few legit businesses (remarcably a flight school that was bombed trice!) before sinking into illegality.
Is believed to be a high-ranking member of the Spartacus Brotherhood.

"I accept your challenge. Let's dance!"
"Leave martial arts for artists and start fighting as if your life depended on it - because it does!"
"You've stepped on my toes, so I'll crush yours with a sledgehammer!"
"You've just Fabricated my Diem, PVNC!"
"You'll stand in the way of JUSTICE? I can't forgive you!"
"You'll never do it again? You got THAT right!"
"I've rescued the slaves you sold. Now I'll avenge them!"
"Death is too little a punishment for you. I'm letting you off easy!"
"Did you hear the pleas of your victims? Why should I hear yours?"
"Where are your lawyers now, scum?"
"Slavists are garbage, I'm the incinerator! Prepare to be burnt!
"The cops may represent the LAW but I stand for JUSTICE!"
"Congratulations. You've just entered my hit list!"
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Post by Cmdr Wyvern »

Well, so far so good. 8) Ooliters always have a few canisters of imagination, and it's fun to see those imaginations at work.

Capt'n H's fictional persona is especially good, he took the trumbles and ran with them. (Last reports suggest that he's still on the lam. :lol: )

Keep 'em coming folks, you've nothing but your awesome (or awful :P ) fictional reputations to risk.
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Post by Jack_H »

You've grown quite attached to the ol 'Diplomat' haven't you Maegil?

Fair enough though..she is a nice weapon.

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Who is Poovga

Post by Poovga »

Poovga is an early-forties peddler: furs and computers are his main cargos. He is born in the first galaxy but never told anybody the exact place. Anyway, who cares?

He likes to dream while the stars are parading in front of his windscreen. For sure, he is working much more for travel than fortune. His entreprise is not very valuable. His accounting books blocked once the Merchant's guild computers and drove a tax collector crazy.
You can meet him in the taverns around the docks, swearing to amend after have tried all the local liquors. The next morning, the swear is once more forgotten.

He inherited a Cobra Mark III from his father. His father died of an unknown fever after meeting a 2Cr girl on Rizaoris.
Then Poovga bought a Python. He discovered how difficult it is to find more than 100T of good priced cargo in a station. So he became a sort of of garbageman, scooping cargo and minerals. He tried hard to become a reliable transporter for cargo and passengers. He did not like the deadlines restrictions and, most of all, did not like to go somewhere decided by somenone else instead of wandering. Poovga recently bought a Mosquito trader and now dreams for a Python ET Special or a Boa Class Cruiser.

He is not a fierce warrior, preferring missiles and Energy bombs to ship-to-ship duels. Since he bought a Military Shield Enhancement, he often rams small ships. In his frequent lack of money periods, he sometimes rams also Navigation Buoy for 1T of alloys. The only advantage he sees in space fighting is too scoop cargo and having thankful messages from the ships he saves.

He dreams also of having a woman by his side to share the infinite space but the cockpit has only one seat. Poovga tried the company of Trumble but was obliged to heat them up. His morality lead him to create a fundation to take care of Trumbles: one credit a day saves a Trumble everyday. He would like to discuss with other ships as he have probably met most of the commanders in a tavern.

One last thing, in French "Poovga" means "Poor guy" and that's what he is.
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Post by Poovga »

Thanks for the tip :)
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Post by Disembodied »

Name: unclear: currently operating under "Blaze O'Glory"
Race: originally human
Gender: Male
Age: unclear
Rating: Dangerous

Commander "Blaze O'Glory" is the current pseudonym of an individual with a, to say the least, murky past. More than twenty years ago, it appears he was a starship pilot who suffered some form of mishap and was forced to eject. A series of failures in the escape pod systems -- possibly damaged in the attack/accident -- put the pod into a highly eccentric elliptical orbit around the star. By sheer chance the pod, now pitted by micrometeorites and scoured by solar radiation, was picked up a few months ago. The pod was turned over to the Moray Medicals, who, to their surprise and growing horror, discovered that the occupant was still alive.

The internal life-support mechanisms had been radically altered. Resyk units had been patched, recircuited and reprioritised, mated in desperate ways with the onboard autodoc, and stretched far beyond their design limits. The pilot was, indeed, alive: but no closed system is 100% efficient. Over the years the machinery had been forced to cannibalise all available resources to maintain core brain activity. "All available resources" ... you don't need legs to live, or arms; or skin; or flesh; or bones. Then one major organ system after another had been consumed, their functions taken over by mechanical processes. By the time rescue came, the pilot had been stripped down, piece by piece, reduced -- simplified -- to a nervous system and nothing else, held suspended in a soupy fluid within a pressure suit.

The motto of the Moray Medicals is "Never Say Die". This case tested it to its fullest. Eventually, however, with infinite patience, they excised this bundle of nerves from its warped cocoon and placed it in a specially-designed suspensor tank, meshed into sensor webs and a set of basic manipulators. Then they handed it over to the Psychs -- and hit the local bars, hard.

The pilot's original personality and memories were almost wholly gone. But radical egosurgery and experimental wetware did manage to coax a functioning, and to all intents and purposes sane, individual from the remains.

A long-running legal battle ensued between the Medicals, the disembodied brain (now referring to itself as "Blaze O'Glory", which caused the Psychs some concern) and EV-Away!, the manufacturers of his escape pod. The pod's black-box recorder had been cooked, and there was no record of who the pilot actually was, how much his insurance policy should pay out, or if it was even still valid. Eventually, suffering from increasing bad publicity, the manufacturers caved in and agreed to settle out of court. The medical bills were paid, and Blaze O'Glory was given a basic ship and 100 creds. EV-Away! had at first suggested a Worm, but O'Glory stuck to his guns and held out for a minimum-spec Cobra Mk III. His pilot's skills, although perhaps -- who can say? -- not what they used to be, seem at least adequate, and he's now rated Dangerous with over 1,000 kills. He's fought and traded his way up to a shiny new Python Class Cruiser, too. Bolted into the fabric of the ship, and wired directly to the controls, he's carving out a new life for himself across the quadrant.

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Captain Hesperus
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Post by Captain Hesperus »

I'll give it a shot....

Name: Captain [deleted] Hesperus
Race: Grey Furry Feline
Gender: Male
Diet: Ordimian cuisine, heavily slanted towards 'experimental' Goat Soup recipies <shudder>
Age: 29 Gal-standard
Marital Status: Divorced nine times (married to all spouses at the same time)
Home system: Orrira, G1
Occupation: Trader.......well, most of the time, see Criminal Casefile below.
Current Combat Rating: Competent
Personal Weapons: Chett F-3 'Max', Sirius 'Denizen' (NB. these pistols have identical grip designs so the 'Max' can be smuggled onto space stations in the guise of the 'Denizen'), Strategic Arms Company M-440 'Eagle', natural claws (molybdenum-coated).

Current Vessel: Python class freighter 'Dubious Profit' (GCW ident: DP099)
- This ship is in serious need of decommisioning, decontamination and dismantling. Although fitted with the majority of systems that can be fitted to a Python, this vessel has rarely seen the inside of a maintenance bay and it has been alleged that Commander Captain Hesperus has been giving hefty bribes to GalCop space dock officials to receive his Spaceworthiness Certificates, although this has not been substantiated. It is rumoured that the Dubious Profit has illegally fitted the prime motivator from an Asp Mark II, but no-one outside the ship's engineering personnel have ever entered the drive room to confirm or deny this.

Legal History:

- Leaving Space stations with outstanding docking fees and fines (324 counts)
- Suspicion of bribing GalCop officials (unknown number of counts)
- Trading in illicit lifeforms (Trumbloid)
- Trading in illegal commodities
- Piloting under the Influence of Alcohol
- Piloting under the Influence of Megaweed
- Piloting while asleep
- Docking without due care and attention
- Docking in a manner to cause concern to other spacecraft pilots (reversing into Space station)
- Criminal Damage to Space station Docking ports (6548 counts and more likely)
- Various Confidence Tricks (see Casefile entries CH0001 to CH4999)
- Bigamy (nine counts - Time served)
- Various Confidence Tricks and Trading in illegal commodities (multiple counts - Time served)
- Perjury
- Perverting the Course of Justice
- Impeding police investigations (multiple counts)
- Suspected involvement in the assassination of canine GalCop peacekeeping forces on Orrira
- Numerous petty offences

Notable qoutes:
- "Are you looking for a cute and fluffy companion for those long interstellar journeys?"
- "Captain Hesperus? Never heard of him!"
- "I know that strange glowing green sludge dripping from my ship's hull is sending your geiger counter off the scale, officer, it's just I wanted to know if you dropped this Cr10,000 chip here?"
- "Stepan, get outta my seat!"
- "Look, buddy! I don't care how much of your ship those Trumbles ate, it clearly states in that line of very small text at the bottom of the sales docket that I can't be held responsible for any damages!"
- "Alright, if you take the gun out of my nose, I'll see how much of a refund I can get you."
- "It has nothing to do with me, Your Honour."
- "Trumbles are so misunderstood."

Captain Hesperus
The truth, revealed!!

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Post by Selezen »

I have a fair few personas, but the first was the following:

Name : Lewis Tarklin
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 11/09/3106
Marital status: Widower
Homeworld: Lave
Occupation: Currently (3137) serving in Galactic Navy Reserves
Current combat rating: Deadly
Current vessel: Cobra Mk III "Legacy"

Tarklin is the son of General Aaron Tarklin, CinC of the Lavian sector Galactic Navy detachment. His mother Selena is a medical doctor serving as an Emergency Department consultant. He has no siblings.

After a failed first application to GalCop Training Academy, a second attempt saw Tarklin enrolled to train as a pilot. He achieved his license in the top 10 percentile of his class.

Tarklin proved to be a capable commander and an impressive combat pilot, achieving Elite status in a remarkably short time. Once this status had been attained he was allegedly approached by the Dark Wheel for recruitment into thier agency but declined thier offer. Whether or not this is true, Tarklin embarked on a mission to find a woman he had been involved with on Lave.

This woman, Riana Friedmann, daughter of a GalCop ambassador, was living and working on Ausis in Galaxy 2. She was taking part in a geological survey of the new GalCop world following its admission to the Co-operative. When Tarklin arrived they resumed a relationship and married quickly. Tarklin gave up the life of a spacer and settled into his new life, taking on a job training the planet's new orbital defence forces.

This idyllic life was shattered two years later when the Thargoids invaded Ausis. Riana was killed in the ground assaults and Tarklin responded by retrieving his Cobra from storage and single-handedly destroying the station that had been converted into the Thargoid base of operations. His colleagues in the defence force mopped up the rest of the Thargoids, liberating the world. Tarklin was declared a hero and was decorated by both the Ausis government and GalCop's president.

Just before Riana Tarklin's funeral, Tarklin absconded with the body and took flight, apparently taking on the life of a ruthless pirate in the process. When he was finally apprehended, it was found that he had suffered a serious mental breakdown. Whilst processing Tarklin's ship, it was found that it was fitted with all sorts of illegal and dangerous equipment, including a cloaking device and a recycling energy bomb as well as many enhancements to the shields and laser cooling. Many of these items, had they failed, would have resulted in toxic gases venting all over the ship.

Tarklin was charged with piracy, murder and using illegal equipment and a trial was held. Tarklin himself did not attend as he was receiving urgent medical attention. The case against him was irrefutable, but revelations concerning his mental condition exonerated him from guilt in many o these charges. The Ausis government supported Tarklin, even threatening to rescind thier GCW membership should Tarklin be found guilty. The result of this was that Tarklin was cleared of the majority of charges but received a suspended sentence dependent on the results of his psychiatric treatment.

Tarklin did indeed recover, and was allowed to resume his spaceborne career, albeit having been busted down to Harmless again. Almost as soon as he returned to space, however, he was called on by an old friend to help him out of a jam - this jam would turn out to be fatal, since Tarklin could not get to his friend in time to save him from the clutches of a vengeful Thargoid.

Following this incident, Tarklin took a posting as an Active Reserve Naval pilot, taking his place on the frontline of the Thargoid war.

Tarklin is a superb pilot and combateer, and has a mastery of engineering that has allowed him to customise his vessel extensively (at least until his was arrested).

Before his wife's death, Tarklin was quite a serious person, but did have a good capacity for humour. Since Ausis, however, this aspect of his personality has vanished leaving his a quiet, dour man who retreats from company. He hates the Thargoids with a passion and will go out of his way to destroy any ship encountered.

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Post by Commander McLane »

@ Poovga: If you want to correct a post you don't need to submit another post. There is a small "EDIT"-button in the top right corner of every of your posts. :wink:

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Commander Starcat

Post by *cat »

This shy, reclusive little blue bony feline grew up on Tianve, always described as "slightly above average" or "could do better" but without the courage or gumption to compete against the larger, more forward young males.
His few attempts at space piloting classes were hampered by a lack of skill and understanding of the physics of flight, and instead he found skilled, but menial work at an academic nanobotics research facility on Aesbion.
Considered a glorified caretaker by the students and professors at the facility, he developed considerable knowledge and interest in all things technical, and nicknamed himself Star Cat, a reference to obscure old control programs which might amuse the more geeky amongst his friends, if he were to make any. The name might also have been a memory of the students asking "where's that ****ing cat?!"
His escape happened as boredom and hopelessness were setting in; the stripped hull of a Cobra mk III, used for experiments in nano-scale hull repair systems, was discarded at the end of the academic year: he suggested he could "dispose" of it in an environmentally friendly way and, along with other pieces of obsolete equipment rescued from bins and dumps, he put together a working ship, with a brand new control system that he could actually operate.
With his savings, he quit his job and, cautious coward that he is, set in motion a long-term plan to build an iron-arsed ship in which he could at last feel confident, secure and able to be himself without fear.
After lots of trading, he upgraded to a Python, auctioned off from an executed pirate's estate, and worked long hours as a trader and miner, sometimes trading in things he oughtn't to, feeling a little guilty, but liking the money too much. And, at long last, with only 13 kills to his name, he got his dream ship, a Super Cobra.
He'd be the last to call himself aggressive or a risk-taker, but the new ship has brought out a new character, adding over 900 kills to his tally, mostly offenders and pirates, though he shamefully admits that there are a few innocents on his conscience.
He has completed a few missions (most recently, political unrest near Ramaza), more for the money than for any moral reasons. He is still elusive and withdrawn, preferring to stay in the ship, or explore the sights of safe stations on his own. He corresponds regularly with friends and acquaintances, but will never be the life and soul of any party. He'd be surprised to hear how many people harbour considerable respect for this quiet, dependable, modest little cat, who puts his successes down to the abilities of his ship rather than any skill of his own, and his preference of lasers over missiles or bombs just an example of his miserly streak. But his rapidly rising rating clearly shows his competence.
Soon he plans to find a way to park his ship somewhere (if he can find a safe way to do it that won't cause him stress and worry) and buy a big freighter with which to earn a lot more money. Then he'll be looking out for an even safer ship, maybe an Imperial Courier or, more fittingly, a Tiger... raaar!

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