The Collector mission.

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The Collector mission.

Post by BeastieBoy »

Hi All,

So I'm confused. I'm old so it happens frequently :lol:

So i started playing Oolite again after years away and took a couple of days sorting out OXPs etc and getting it to run to my liking.

So I start a game and get the Collector dialog when I land on Zaonce.

So I save up 1000 to buy the poor guy his EP but the dialog only comes up when I don't have the spare cash. No problem thinks i start a new game and just get the 1000. Well darn me if the same happens. I sell all my stuff do a couple of trade runs then I only get one dialog pop up before i land with 1000 in my pockets. then no more. Am i doing something wrong? I kind of like the missions and I'm a bit of a competitionist :oops:


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Re: The Collector mission.

Post by Norby »

No problem here, just be patient a bit longer. This person will appear randomly with low chance (spoiler: 10%).
Note there is an official topic for questions about The Collector OXP.

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