Any combat tips?

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Re: Any combat tips?

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byronarn wrote:
Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:35 am
Just made the first kill of my current game! It was a lucky find. Found a lone Fer-de-lance in the space lane on my way to Tsionla. He had an offender status, so I targeted him. Tried to take a few shots with my military laser, but the dang thing overheated too fast, so I used my fuel injectors to get close then finished him off with my mil laser.

Thanks for the advice guys! I'm going to come back to this post to reread these tips every so often, so feel free to post more tips if you think of any. :-)

(For those who are following my Tales of a Pacifist Pilot in the fiction subforum, don't worry, It wasn't Noryb who did the killing. His kill count is still zero! :-)
Right on, Commander!

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