With which OXP's do you guys rumble the Ooniverse?

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Re: With which OXP's do you guys rumble the Ooniverse?

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phkb wrote:
Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:34 pm
Astrobe wrote:Povray planets
I think these aren't on the manager because they are a tad on the large size. Total size on my rig is 4.3gb. Just one galaxy is over 500mb. They're currently stored on Google Drive which occasionally blocks downloads due to bandwidth limitations. And because there is no direct download link (it's a multi-step process with Google Drive), it's impossible to put them on the manager.

I suppose if someone had 5gb of spare space on a server somewhere, and unlimited bandwidth, they could be relocated.

However, you can get them from the wiki here: [EliteWiki] Povray Planets
I'm currently working on this.. should be upgrading my current hosting package to unlimited bandwidth shortly. At which point, I can host the Povray packages there.. lord knows I've done little enough with my webserver the last few years. Since I'm paying for it anyway, may as well do something useful with it.
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Re: With which OXP's do you guys rumble the Ooniverse?

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i did have the serenity/firefly one, but i had to take it out. Just didnt like shooting at it, :roll:

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Re: With which OXP's do you guys rumble the Ooniverse?

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Despite the Ambience Collection and Famous Planets OXPs (those two are eye-candy must-haves for me), I also installed:

- SpaceTaxi
- In System Taxi
- Liners
- Station Dock Control
- Wildships
- Planetfall
- HD Backgrounds (more eye-candy, yay!)
- Life on the Frontier (just curious about it)
- Hyperradio (including the Ambient music packs)
REMOVED:* - Fuel Stations (not really using those as I prefer scooping energy off the sun, but just in case) *
- Station Ads
ADDED:- FuelTweaks (experimental) by phkb
Since I am in an early stage of my career at the moment, I do not have any additional ship OXPs installed but as soon as I got the credits to buy a larger one, this will probably change.

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