Tales from the spacelanes...

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Re: Tales from the spacelanes...

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Reflexes? You still have memories of your reflexes? Impressive! I can't even remember when I lost my memories...
Can anyone help me extirpate the bally blot on the upper left-hand corner of the family escutcheon? Benedict has tried fullering, some of those tawdry Tescoo's products and even a dab of quicklime, but nothing so far seems to work.

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Re: Tales from the spacelanes...

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Had two occurrences in the last few days that have never occurred before within my visual range.

The first was a Galaxy Liner that had been successfully attacked by Pirates. This happened before my arrival on the scene or there would have been an attempt on my part to prevent it. As it sat there just hanging in space it was not only spewing sparks but was also in the process of launching what seemed like 100 escape pods. Went ahead and scooped as many of the Escape Pods as my empty cargo space would allow, waste not want not, right?. As for the Galaxy Liner itself when it was locked onto after the Escape Pod barrage had ended it was labelled as "Disabled". This meant that it could be hooked up to with a Tractor Beam (towbar) and salvaged. This possibility was avoided however given that the mass differential between the Galaxy Liner and my ship could have caused me no small amount of damage. Plus my Cargo Hold was full of Escape Pods which meant shuttling back and forth between the Galaxy Liner's location and the nearest station to be able to get paid for all of that Salvaged Stuff. With a full Cargo Hold the Salvaged Stuff would have to be left hanging in space for who knows how long while going back and forth to retrieve it all. Surely some others would come along and make off with most of the prize before all of this shuttling about could be accomplished. Most if it would probably end up in the self same hands of the Pirates who disabled the Galaxy Liner in the first place. Let it be, discretion being the better part of valor, and all that sort of rot. So the Galaxy Liner was left hanging there for the Galcops to deal with while my next destination within the system became the priority. Oddly enough upon my arrival at that next station not all of the Escape Pods registered as being filled with rescued passengers. At least a third of them came across as Slaves. Not wanting to be one to criticize the hiring practices of the Galaxy Liner Corporations but you would think they could afford to pay their crews rather than using Slaves. At least they let them get into Escape Pods.

The second incident involved those ubiquitously spawned boulders from our friendly OXZ Space Crowds. A group of these boulders spawned and were subsequently being broken down into splinters, identified as being worthy by my Ore Processor, and then scooped and processed into that worthiness by that self same Ore Processor. During all of this processing three rather harmless looking Gnats showed up and slowly made their way past my location. Only they did not just buzz on past. To my annoyance they turned about and started stealing the splinters faster than my Ore Processor could deem them as being worthy (insert your own Mjölnir joke here). Usually these Gnats would have been swatted flat by yours truly for such an infraction of societal norms. However, being so taken aback by their actions and the uniqueness of the situation they were allowed to continue their rather rude actions without any intervention on my part. Next time, if there is a next time, my lack of action may not be so lacking.
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Re: Tales from the spacelanes...

Post by CalebOfIronAssMiner »

I had a similar experience. Except that the pirates poked their luck one time too many and my "lack of action" suddenly wasn't so lacking anymore ...

--- snip ---

A pack of pirates pretending to be miners. Stealing from other miners, docking with the Rock Hermit, the stuff. I didn't mind, because, well, there is so much space rock around, I am not going to risk everyone else's life in a furball for a few tons of minerals. I didn't even bother to ID them. Just turn around, move some 20 km further away and crack another space rock while they are busy chasing whatever leftovers they found, no problem. Then one of them uttered: "This one's minerals, nice!" as he stole my splinter. I thought: "This miner is quite rude" but I understood. If you have only a Mamba, with its feeble 4 TC cargo space and 3 energy banks there isn't a lot of space for any serious ore processing so some rudeness of the (usually pretty financially stressed) miner is to be expected.

But one day they weren't satisfied with stealing my splinters before I scoop them. Maybe I was too skilled in scooping, you know, being a professional miner, scooping stuff all day is part of my job, you know or, maybe, they came late to the party and there wasn't much of the asteroid left or, maybe, they guessed (correctly!) that my belly has some advanced kit that allows me to get a LOT more out of the space rocks than the feeble 10 Cr per ton that everyone else is getting. I don't know and I can't ask anymore.

All I know is that they, suddenly, brought out the typical "Your cargo or your life!". Revealing to me that they are no miners but, pirates. Pirates, stealing from miners. FIRST BIG MISTAKE.

You know, it is one thing to poke an Anaconda for a few tonnes. Anaconda owners tend to be pretty rich. That "rogue hollowed out asteroid" of a ship can swallow the complete content of the public marketplace of several main stations and still have a room for a few luxury appartments for passengers.

But steal from poor miners with badly beaten ships, unable to afford proper maintenance, always praying that their engines won't quit, leaving them helplessly drifting into the interstellar space?

Even the former type of pirate tends to make me see red when the poor ship they attack tries to ask for help. Screaming on injectors I throw myself into their pack with blazing lasers to tell them to buzz off but I will usually give them a break when they ask nicely for mercy. But bully poor miners who cant afford anything better than a Transporter? NO MERCY FOR YOU!!!

So I headed away from the asteroid field and they (probably) thought: 'This is going to be easy. Look, he is running away. We can deal with a miner in a fancy ship' SECOND BIG MISTAKE.

You know, since this is space and space is filled with the hard vacuum, you can't hear a thing from another ship. Should there be air, the "rrr, rrrrrrrrrrrrr, rrrr, iririririri" sounds from my nose could give you a hint that this is no ordinary miner and you better sneak away while you can. But they didn't. They followed my ship, probably thinking that 'they are trying to run away, they are not too strong". I even hit the injectors briefly for a few times and they hit theirs to keep pace. THIRD BIG MISTAKE.

So, now we are at a safe distance from the asteroid field and all the miners, who are truly poor and too weak to withstand even stray shots from a battle nearby. Out the Warrant Scanner goes and the pirates are scanned. Still not firing though. Since my trip to deliver the corporate research I learned to scan my targets for warrants first. This little act of preparation can sometimes bring about 100 extra credits out of a shooting match with a small pirate pack. And this pack wasn't THAT small. Now it is quite clear to anyone in range that this "miner" is actually a bounty hunter posing as a miner. Or, it should be clear.

Well, actually, he isn't, he is a miner that does bounty hunting on the side if the criminals are so stupid that they go out of their way to bother him. Did they run away? No. FOURTH BIG MISTAKE.

You know, in the game of chess one big mistake is enough to lose the game and fast. These pirates committed four such mistakes. Maybe they thought they were prepared. Maybe they thought that their leader has a BEAM LASER and that is a fine thing, friend. A few shots and the defenseless Anacondas and Pythons dump quite a bunch of their cargon in panic, many times in such a panic that they neglect to check what is going to be dumped and they throw out a few tons of Luxuries instead of the food they bought as the pirate kibble.

But the pink laser that relentlessly finds their hulls despite their dodging attempts and the Cobra Maneuvers that the Cobra is (probably) named after (slow to a dead stop, swing around, speed up and the hunter behind is now the prey in front) made them change their mind VERY quickly. Change their mind they did but to no avail.

Bludgering headlong into a dangerous situation unprepared is a sure fire way to end up dead or at least as a pet food orbiting around Isveve, said my instructor before stamping my pilot license. In this case the pirates ended up as space dust in orbit around the very asteroid field they used to freeload from. And its rather poor inhabitants. For, I have no idea for how long. As the miners don't like to talk too much, as the life of most of them is pretty boring and pretty sad.

And the Iron Ass Miner returned back to his cracked space rock, content that his less fortunate fellows are now going to have a little bit more peaceful life from now on.

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