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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:51 pm 
---- E L I T E ----
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"Hey Duggan! The Station Administrator would like a word with you."

"Huh Ok" Here we go again , I thought.

I am ushered into the Administrators Office by some expressionless Galcop top brass.

From behind the Desk a portly fellow who has gotten a little too comfortable with his life greets me.

"Duggan, I would like to know about your craft and you , you see , well not to to put too fine a point on it , your craft specs are not commensurate with your log. You make your Maiden Flight out of Onrira with not a bean to your name yet your craft's inventory reads like a military manual. You have..

Iron cladded your vessel with some tech that I never even heared of or seen. Quad cooled Military Cannons, Killit Missiles, Sheild Capacitors, Torus sublight Motors.. Military Injectors , all kinds of targeters and Scanners and god knows what else. So what gives.. No Pirate kills No Money and your flying a Predator. Who are you working for ?

I respond
"I am afraid I have no information for you Sir "

He seems to think he knows anyway

"You are working for the Navy..Oh sure I checked with them by sub space comms as soon as you showed up and they deny all knowledge of any Duggan or any of the weaponry and equipment you got. So heres the rub Commander. I get that you are above classified but that is not going to stop folks getting nervous and asking questions, so what you should do is stick to tanking up with your scoops and getting your maintenance done at the higher tech systems, least that way you may get away somewhat more with flying a Navy Bird disguised as a small trader."

I'm getting bored now

"Is that all Sir ?"

"No, Your very presence here indicates trouble is coming or already has somewhere in the vicinity of my system.

Now with all due respect, I look forward very much to not seeing you or any other of your black ops squad these parts around again . That is all Commander".

As I left the Office, I couldn't help thinking how right he was about trouble coming and it was headed right at the Sothis Station not 45 clicks away in the form of fully armed and operational Thargoid Fleet headed up by a Thargoid Carrier and at Least two Battle ships . Still, I thought the Administrator could use a good nights sleep prior to the imminent invasion. Me and the local cops were gonna become comrades soon enough. or floating space debris.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:23 am 
---- E L I T E ----
---- E L I T E ----
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Nice literary work! :) I guess your signature is fit with your story.

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