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I think the bigger problem is that you can dock with all kinds of funny stuff like an orb (orb base is it?). Well I say you can, you can get your docking computer to take you in, but it crashed me the time I tried it, not sure if you can get a little ship in the gap. Or a Rock Hermit pirate will still let you dock whilst launching ships to attack you (as long as you dont crash on the way in)

Maybe a better solution would be to have the docking place have two types, an NPC-dock and a player-dock, kind of like there are differrent types of ships? Or give them a role (open|closed).

Then you could set up oxp however the author wants, so thargoids are not dockable (presumably, although, maybe you could have a mission with a renegade, or a nicked one or something?) and other stuff like the behemoth is dockable.

Just thoughts ;)

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yeah, i dropped a qmine right outside of a carrier and scooted for the hinterlands... unfortunately it took out everything in a large radius, behemoths, navy, civillians, and thargoids. the multiple overlapping blast radius' made for a pretty sting of pearls on my radar, but axed my legal status.

oh well, back to the previous save!
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Which is why they were banned by GalCop in the first place :).

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